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Potipot Adventure!

So here it is, (finally) my friends and I’s Potipot adventuuuure! 

It will be a photo-heavy post so please be patient. Haha! Actually, I tried my best to just pick atleast 10-15 pictures for this but I just can’t. The place is just so beautiful that I had to include every beautiful picture that my friends took. It’s worth it, I promise. :) 

Since we were all from the South, it was a one hell of a loooooong trip going to Zambales. But all for the love of beach, we endured the (almost) 8 hours of travel (and almost 9 hours going back). Music + side stories were our company. :)

We stayed in Sunbloom Resort for 2 days and 1 night. The resort’s fine. The room was big and spacious (we were 13), clean and the staffs were okay but not so accommodating since they weren’t replying to our emails and texts until we were just an hour away from their resort. We almost thought it was a scam. Haha! 

Rating: 4 out of 5. :)

The beach near the resort was kind of, uhm, dirty? No, not really. But we weren’t able to experience it since our goal was to go to Potipot Island which was a boat ride away from our resort. 

The ride costs 400 for 6 pax roundtrip so go! Kesa languyin mo diba? Haha chos!

Aaaand we were greeted by the white sand of the beach @_@ But wait, before you enjoy your stay, you’ll need to pay 100/pax for the entrance fee for day trip and 300 for overnight. You need to bring your own tent nga lang

See the difference of the sand? (Sunbloom vs. Potipot)

What can I say about Potipot? It was beautiful, no doubt about that. But I think it’s not well-maintained. I mean c’mon, 100 pesos each but we still see lumots here and kalat there? Madumi siya talaga. I’m no perfectionist pero sabi tulad ng sabi nila, “I know one when I see one.” I just wish they’ll use the money (entrance fee) to make the island more attractive because it really is a promising summer destination. #justsaying :P

Anywaaaaaay, here’s the left side of the beach. It took us 15-20 mins to find a place were we can settle our things before dipping. This part right here was the “cleanest” part for us. Some has lumot on the beach. :( No wonder the people were all here. 

But in all fairness, though some part has lumot, the water was still clear but mabato siya so ouchy sa feet. Haha!

Hangten. Hahaha! Mine and boyfie’s. 

Made by my artist bestfriend again! Our gift to Potipot. Haha!

The next day, were lucky to spot a place at the right part of the beach. It was clean (sort of) and not much people around so the place was all ours. I’m so happy! Haha!

Souvenirs of course!

Breathtaking as i’ve told you! (but spot the dumi too. :P)

Spotted this kahoy formation (what the.. haha!) and we had a little pictorial over here. Haha!

Group picture before swimming!

It was definitely a one-for-the-books trip! With these crazy friends of mine, expect an equally crazy trip. I just can’t kwento since we have this “What happens in Potipot, stays in Potipot” but.. the boys were epic performers! Hahaha. Sorry guys I really can’t help it!! :P I enjoyed this trip and i’m hoping to have another epic getaway with all of you. <3

Kisses to end this post. Sending it to all of you because I love you for reading this! :*

♥ ♥ 

Boracay 2012!

Warning: This is one hell of a long-photo-heavy-but-definitely-worth-it blog post. :)

So this is it. Probably my last post about my Boracay trip. But because I want to share to you how fun it is in the Philippines, i’ll make it as detailed as possible because I know that this trip won’t happen again anytime soon. If I have a chance, i’ll definitely go back!

Meet my tripmates. Remember my blogs about my Ilocos trip? (If you haven’t seen it yet, click here, here and here). I was with them too and Jomer and I were lucky enough because they tagged us along in this trip. They must have enjoyed our presence. Haha. :P

It was our first flight together (or our both first airplane ride) and it sucks coz’ we weren’t seated beside each other. :| And seriously, the ride was really a pain in the ears! 
Hello Boracaaaaay (Airport)! :D
Boat to Kalibo? I’m not really sure. :P
We stayed in La Carmela De Boracay and I must say, the place was…I can’t describe it. Haha! Let’s just say that i’m happy we stayed there. The room was spacious, comfy, fully air-conditioned and clean! As for the service, not so much.
No time to rest because we decided to do some activities after we landed in Boracay. Making the most out of it is the key!
First up was the Banana Boat. Not that fun since we were just being pulled by a boat and nothing exciting happened. 
But wait, there’s more! Not planned but we also tried Fly Fish and boy was it scary! Really! Buwis-buhay! Haha! See the pictures above? Yes, that’s us! It was 100x better than banana boat so I suggest you try it if you’re planning to go to Boracay. It super worth risking! 
Then we just roamed around before going home to change clothes and have dinner and watch the fire dance. (No picture though)
2nd day was such a long day for all of us. Woke up as early as 7am(?) because we have such a fun-filled activities to cherish. :P
The boyfriend and I had our henna tattoos since Jomer is itching to have a permanent one but I won’t allow him. So ayan, makuntento ka sa henna. Haha! 
Oh! Don’t you just love this paparazzi-ish photo? Haha. Artista much eh?
Yes please, Boracay is so beautiful so please please, as a customer and as a Filipino, take good care of it.
*Insert friends’ comments: Uyy.. bakit ka umiihi jan?* Haha!
First activity that day was to go to Puca Beach. I swear that place was heavenly. I can totally stay the whole day there but sadly, we didn’t stay that long because we need to go to do some snorkeling! Yay!
I swear to God that I saw Nemo and his house! Superb! We have some underwater videos using Jomer’s iTouch and I can’t wait to show it to you. We fed the fishes. Best feeling everrrr.
Then after the amazing Island hopping (can you call it that? Haha!), we prepared ourselves for our super late lunch (almost 4pm) and we decided to have it in d’ talipapa, a dampa-like in Boracay where you can buy whatever you want in the market and you have it cooked in a cooking service resto and then eat it there. Super bloated after eating everything! We all just wanted to go home and sleep. Haha. #buhaybaboy. Anyway while waiting for the food to be cooked, Jomer and I roamed around and found this couple-ish i ♥ Boracay sando. We just couldn’t let go of it. Haha!
Right after lunch, we (the remaining 6) decided to go to the groto since we haven’t been there yet and since the sun was about to set, we might as well watch it there.
I just had to have it. Kinda obligatory. Haha! :P
And I wasn’t wrong about Boracay sunsets. It was as beautiful as the picture above (or moooore beautiful). You know how I love sunsets right? It really gives me that “aaaaaaahhhhhhhh” feeling everytime I see one. So relaxing.
Aaand I just had to have a picture with it. 
Another reason why we went there was to finally have a sip of the infamous Jonah’s fruitshake. Infairness, it was really delicious! Very tasty and Jomer being pikihan with everything, liked his chocolate shake so much! 
And then we went home and slept the whole night. #LolaAndLoloModeOn. Haha! Super tired that we didn’t make it to one of our friend’s birthday salubong and experience the nightlife in Boracay. Boo!
Come to the third day, we woke up later than the usual not knowing that we only have until after lunch to check out. Engk! Yes, it was our last day in Boracay. :( We needed to be in Kalibo by night because our flight was super early the next day. So the last day was like a race because we needed to move fast. Haha!
It was also pasalubong time a.k.a ubusan ng pera time. Haha! I wanted to buy so much but the time was so short. Oh whyyyyy.
But the check out thing doesn’t stop us from doing our last Boracay activity. What we did with our things was to left if at the hotels baggage counter. Well, everybody does that!
We did the ATV-ing! At first I was so scared that I won’t be able to control it because I thought it was heavy but all the worries were gone once I pushed the start button. It felt surreal (OA). Haha. Sorry but I was just so happy that I had the guts to try it. Most of the time, i’ll ask Jomer if I can sit beside him (like the car something in EK) but this time, I promised myself to try it. And I did. And I had sooo much fun although I still asked Jomer to stay at my back to watch me and instructed me every now and then. Haha! I love how supportive he is! <3
We saw this on our first stop over. Cuteeeee!
And then we saw this transformer and we couldn’t go without having a pic with it. 
Yaaaaan! So fuun!
And look! 29. <3
Anyway, we left Boracay (huhu) after the activities so we can be in Kalibo before the sun was out but we got there later than expected. We stayed in Queen’s Inn which was by the way, soo scary. Haha!We just had dinner and called it a night.
And here comes the hardest part of all. Going home. Going back to reality. :( Haha drama! :P
This time, we were seatmates! Yay!
So gay but so kyooot!
Of course i’ll still include this. Haha! 
My first vacay this 2012 was such a blast! It was relaxing and fulfilling and although it gave me an I-don’t-want-to-go-back-to-Manila-anymore feeling, i’m still thankful to God for always, always giving me blessings when I least expect it.  
This ends my Boracay madness. Haha!
Oh, it’s February now and i’m going somewhere again! Better watch out for it!!
♥ ♥ 

I just wanna be on the beach!

Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Divisoria | Flipflops: Havaianas | Hat: Boracay | Bag: borrowed from my sister | Accessories: random

First of all, forgive my oily face in the pictures. I was wearing tons of sunblock during that time just because we’ll be under the sun the whole day. :P

What I wore during the second day of our stay in Boracay. (I’m still figuring out how will I post my OTD during our first day). We did some activities such as island hoping and snorkeling so I opted to wear light since (1) we’re on a beach (duh), (2) we’re going swimming every now and then and (3) it doesn’t look ‘showy’ at all. I was wearing a swimsuit underneath but it’s not really my style to show my whole being to the world (haha) so i’m sorry to disappoint you but no swimsuit pictures. :P

Btw, the boyfriend took these pictures and they’re all blog worthy! #Bolera Haha! It was taken near the dining area of La Carmela De Boracay (where we stayed) so imagine the looks I got from the people eating and the passers-by. Oh what I do for my blog. :P

I’m still in ‘Boracay hangover’ so expect a lot of Boracay-related posts from me this week. Uploading pictures in my FB so if your a friend of mine, get ready to make sawa on my face any moment now. Haha!

♥ ♥ 

I say it’s a Paradise!

Holla lovies! 

Sorry for the lack of posts. (I keep on saying sorry, don’t I? Sorry.) Well guess what, new post here! Yaaay! 

You all know that I’ve been in Boracay last week and believe me when I say that it really is a paradise! Reaaally. Just like what Marian Rivera always say, byoootipul (beautiful)! :P 

Here are the pictures we (me, Jomer, Chase and Edward) took while we were there. I swear it’s 100x better in person but you know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. (haha! It’s 2am already hence, my senseless statements. :P)

Photo vomit! Enjoy! :D

Gotta love clouds! The closer, the better. ;)

Boracay during our first night.

Partial part of Pacman’s ‘Mansion’ @_@

Puca beach has to my favorite. So clean and not crowded. I can live here. 


Sunsets, oh sunsets. You know how I love sunsets! So calming not to mention breathtaking! Aaaahhh! 

Will be blogging my Boracay experience on my next post (probably tomorrow) so your dashboard must be ready for my loooooong post. It’ll be legen…wait for it…dary! Ha!

♥ ♥ 

A look back..

2011, as you all know, was a very veeeery good year to me. I must have done something good or maybe, 2010 has been so hard on me that 2011 needed to make bawi. I want to believe in the first reason but I think the second one’s more appropriate. :P 

I intentionally didn’t make this post as my year-ender because I never really wanted the year to end. Buuuut, I will never let this blog continue without bragging how awesome my 2011 was so here I am, about to enumerate the reasons why 2011 is by far, the best year for me.

1. I got to explore the Philippines! It’s my dream to travel around the world but I want to do that after I travel around the Philippines. You know, our country is very beautiful if we’ll just learn to appreciate it more and if we would just try not to destroy it. #itsmorefuninthePhilippines right?

Avilon Zoo. (Jan 2011)

Ilocos (April 2011)

Mindoro/Puerto Galera (May 2011)

Laiya, Batangas (May 2011)

Okay, I know, too much pictures. Just so beautiful not to post them!

2. I had a chance to watch NBA players. Live. In the Philippines! Such a once-in-a-blue moon event to happen in our country and I was so lucky to be able to get a glimpse of Kobe Bryant, etc. at the Big Dome! It was such a hit so I know that there’ll be more of that but as they say, nothing beats firsts! Ha!

Ultimate All-star weekend. (July 2011)

3. I got to attend events as a ‘blogger’! I have been blogging since I can’t remember when(I have a blog in my Friendster/Multiply accounts) but it was more of a personal one and was just for Friends’ view. Never did I imagine that i’ll be able to do what i’m doing right now (blogging about this, about that) and i’ll be able to meet people who have the same passion as mine and get inspired by them. This year (2011), I started attending events with my friends and was able to learn new things and this blogging made me more confident with my style and everything. Seriously, this isn’t an easy job so I salute each and every blogger I know. 

Blogapalooza (September 2011)

Freeway Event (October 2011)

Multiply Shopping Party (October 2011)

MEG Up and Coming Party (November 2011)

Blogger United 2 ( December 2011)

Snoe Beauty Inc. Event (December 2011)

The top 3 reasons why I love my 2011. Didn’t include my Family, Friends and the Boyfriend because of course, it’s given that they have been a part of me already. Happy or sad. Good or Bad. For better or for worst. :)

Everything has been memorable to me that when you ask me, i’ll answer it without thinking. Looking back to this epic events in my life, all I can say is that, I think 2012 has a lot of work to do to beat 2011.

Well 2012, bring it on!! 

♥ ♥ 

Photoblog: DnA’s Masquerade-themed Christmas Party!

What: Dna Christmas Party

When: December 8, 2011

Where: Blue Leaf Pavillion, McKinley Hill, Taguig

Who: DTSI and Anthem Employees

Mostly grabbed pictures! :)

Not as fun as last year’s (well atleast for me) but since most of my office friends were there plus I won in the raffle (teehee!), it was still a night to remember. Really, I always get too excited during the preparation for the annual Christmas party because (1) you all know Christmas is my favorite holiday and i’m a sucker for parties! and (2) because I get to wear whatever I want without caring about the what-the-heck-are-you-wearing looks! Haha!

What I wore. :)

Izah and Me || DTSI Peeps || The place || Girlsss || Table setting || Mam Cha (my team manager) and Me || Photobooth picture || SD Team ||Kuya Chris and me! || With Vanessa || SD Girls || My mask and my mask ring || Presentation || Foods || Jhen’s killer shoes and my stockings || Our Big 3! || Heels || Masks || Table centerpiece || Pretty girls || Anthem people || DTSI people

Side note: Sorry for being MIA! Been very busy with work, buying gifts, dates, reunions, etc., etc. December is such a cray cray month but I don’t mind since Jesus’ birthday is just around the corner!
Happy reading! :)
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